How to take CBD

How to take CBD drops:

Unlike capsules or any other CBD product which is intended to be swallowed, CBD droppers/tinctures are to be administered sublingually, or, in Layman’s terms, under the tongue.

The reason for this is orally consumed CBD has low bioavailability. It must be processed by the liver, pancreas and other organs in the digestive system, thus, consequently, losing a lot of its potency before entering our bloodstream.

By administering the CBD drops UNDER the tongue, we ensure that the CBD drops are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, completely avoiding the digestive system, for an, almost, instant response, whilst also retaining the maximal potency absorption.

NOTE: When administering CBD drops, ensure tongue is lifted, exposing the underside of the tongue. Only then should you proceed to apply the drops.

Once the drops are under the tongue, continue to hold there for 90 seconds for maximal absorption.

Avoid swallowing for the full duration of 90 seconds.

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