Oil Dropper – 1500mg CBD


  • Made with the highest quality CBD distillate, along with extra virgin olive oil and hemp oil.
  • Certificate of Analysis by 3rd party, independent laboratory.
  • 0% THC.
  • 7.5mg of CBD per drop.
  • 200 drops per bottle.
  • Recommended maximum dosage of 80mg.

CBD comes in many different forms. Three of these are isolate, distillate and whole plant.

CBD isolate has the highest concentration of CBD, at, approximately, 97-99% CBD. However, it is mostly used in topical and cosmetic products and is illegal to use in consumable products, such as oil tinctures.

CBD distillate, which we use at Rulu, is legal to consume, and, at 80% potency, is a fantastic product.

Lastly, is whole plant. Although whole plant contains a broad/full spectrum of all cannabinoids in the hemp plant, the CBD potency is fairly low at, anywhere between, 10%-20%. The majority of CBD products on the market are manufactured using whole plant.


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